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1. Tick  is or  are.
There is  are a pencil on the book.                               There is  are kids in the bus.                          There are  is two eyes on the umbrella.
There is  are a cake on the plate.                      There are  is a teacher next to the board.                       There is  are many pencils.
   2. Write there is or there are under the picture. 
   some  honey in the jar.              books in the bag.           a man in the car.
 some books in the shelf.          two chopsticks in the rice.       5 candles on the cake.
3. Choose Is or Are at the beginning of the question and in the answer.
                                                                                                                                                Are Is there many gifts in the sock?       Is  Are there a girl next to the map?     Are Is there a dog near the cat? 
Yes, there is are                                                    Yes,there are  is                         Yes,thereare  is
3.Look at the picture and write sentences in your notebooks using there is or there are.
1.           2.          3.     4.5.    
4. Choose the correct word to the picture.
 a ball near the toy bear.         many trees in the forest         a clown in the magic box.
 a pencil on the book.            a duck in the water.                    tomatoes on the plate.



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