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Countable - Uncountable nouns

There is - There are worksheet preview
There is - There are

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A. Complete the sentences using "there is" or "there are".
1.  books on the table.
2.  many cars in the street.
3.  a picture on the wall.
4.  a pencil near the book.
5.  many trees in the forest.
6.  a cat under the table.
7.  seven apples in the fridge.
8.  a dog in the house.
9.  a monkey on the tree.
10.  many rooms in my house.
B. Complete the sentences using "Is there" or "Are there".
1.  an opera in our city?
2.  many girls in your class?
3.  a police-station near the hospital?
4.  any bananas in the basket?
5.  trees in the park?
C. Complete the sentences using "there isn't" or "there aren't".
1.  many peaople in the streets.
2.  any butter in te fridge.
3.  any plates on the table.
4.  any milk in the bottle.
5.  any coffee in the cup.
D. Complete the sentences using "there is" / "there are" / "is there" / "are there" / "there isn't" / "there aren't".
1.  someone looking at me.
2.  many boys in the school?
3.  some photos in her bag.
4.  any eggs in the fridge.
5.  any magazine in her room.
6.  any soccer stadium here?
E. Read the sentences and answer the questions.
 a>In Rita's kitchen there are twelve cupboards, five  plates, six spoons and two cups of tea.
b> In Kim's room there are two dolls, a glass of milk, three magazines, five shirts and four skirts.
ex. Are there any magazines in Kim's room? -> Yes, there are three magazines.
1. Are there any shirts in Kim's room? -> Yes,  shirts in Kim's room.
2. Are there any cupboards in Rita's kitchen? -> Yes,  cupboards in Rita's kitchen.
3. Is there a glass of water in Kim's room? -> No, .
4. Are there any skirts in Kim's room? -> Yes,  skirts in Kim's room.
5. Are there any plates in Rita's kitchen? -> Yes,  plates in Rita's kitchen.
6. Are there any forks in Rita's kitchen? -> No,  any forks in Rita's kitchen.
7.Are there any dolls in Kim's room? -> Yes,  dolls in Kim's room.
8. Are there any cups of tea in Rita's kitchen? -> Yes,  cups of tea on Rita's kitchen.
9. Is there a TV in Kim's room? -> No,  one in Kim's room..
10. Is there a glass of milk in Kim's room? -> Yes,  a glass of milk in Kim's room.





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