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What are they doing?
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1.Look at the pictures and choose the correct word.
The cowboy the guitar.      The artista picture     Tom .           Ron a book.
Teddywith a butterfly.      The people a song.          The austronaut.         The baby.
2. Write the full answer to the questions.
         Tamar                                                                 Gabby                                                   Ronit                                                 Mark
1.Who is toasting marshmallow? 
2.What is Gabby doing?
3.Is Ronit sitting?
4.Who is crying?
3.Tick  is  or are.
The baby is are crawling.          Bart and Lisa is are shouting.        The beeareis flying.              The reporter areis running.
4. Write the sentences to the pictures.Use the verbs in Present Continuous.Write in your notebooks.
           1.                2.       3.    4.           5.
        Bart/jump                Rabbit/eat a carrot              The man and the woman/dance               The boy/play on the computer             The frog/catch a fly





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