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Past Continuous Tense

Choose the right answer. Pig

1. When you called me I _____ TV.

A. watch

B. was watching

C. watched

2. Yesterday at 11.15 pm Jack _____.

A.  was sleeping

B.  is sleeping

C.  slept

3. Mark _____ on the phone when his father came in.

A.  was talking

B.  is talking

C.  talked

4. She was crossing the road when the car _____ her.

A.  was hitting

B.  ate

C.  hit

5. Sally lost her wallet when she _____ home.

A.  goes

B.  was going

C.  are going

6. When they _____ out, it was raining.

A.  were going

B.  went

C.  gone

7. I didn't help him because I _____  for my History exam.

A.  study

B.  was studying

C.  studied

8. When I _____ Peter, he was shopping.

A.  see

B.  saw

C.  was seeing

Write questions in past progressive.

1.Jane / tidy / her room



2.Brendan / drive / a car


3.Sue and Jane / sell / fruits



4.the pupils / write / a test


5.your little sister / cry






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