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Goldilocks and the Three Bears worksheet preview
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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     Did you know that there are eight different kinds of bears found around the world?

     Three very different ones are polar bears, grizzly bears and Giant Pandas.

     Polar bears live in the Arctic Circle, near the North Pole.    

     Polar bears stay warm in very cold temperatures because they

have a layer of fat, called blubber, and because they are covered    

in two layers of fur. Polar bears are excellent swimmers and have

short claws to help them walk across ice and snow. Polar bears

mostly eat seals, but they will eat other arctic animals as well.

I. Complete.
1. There are different kinds of bears.
2. Polar bears live near the Pole.
3. Polar bears keep warm because of the .
4. Polar bears are very good .
5. Polar bears eat seals and animals.

     Grizzly bears can be found in Asia, Europe, and North America. Grizzly

bears like to eat plants, mammals and fish. They can run over thirty miles

per hour. Even though grizzly bears are very big and strong, their cubs

only weigh one pound when they are born.

1. We can find Glizzly bears in
2. Grizzly bears eat
3. This kind of bears can run over
4. Grizzly bears are
5. The baby bears weigh
     The Giant Panda lives in China and has black and white fur.

This bear eats up to thirty pounds of bamboo every day. The Giant

Panda is an endangered animal because many of the forests where

they live have been destroyed. Many people work hard to protect

Giant Pandas.

1. Giant Pandas live in...
2. Pandas are...
 blue and white.
 black and white.
3. Pandas eat thirty pounds of bamboo...
 every week.
 every day.
4. This bears are ....... animals.
5. People work hard to ...... pandas.
* What's your favourite bear?
 The Polar bear.
 The Grizzly bear.
 The Panda bear.
polar bear, grizzly bear, giant panda, protect, endangered, big, strong, fur.






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