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1.      His wife (be) not in. She (go) out a quarter of an hour before.
2.      He (reach) Piccadilly and suddenly (remember) that he (not call) on his aunt.
3.      His smile (be) something she never (see) before.
4.      Mr. Brown just (finish) reading the letter when the telephone on his desk (ring).
5.      But the village he (show) her (be) the best she ever (see).
6.      I (be) very careful not to hint or remind her in any way of what she (tell) me.
7.      Soames (hate) sunshine and he at once (get) up to draw the blind. Then he (take) his own cup of tea from his wife, and (say), more coldly than he (intend)
8.      Scarlet sometimes (wonder) where Archie (come) from and what his life (be) before he (come)to live in Nelly’s cellar but she (ask) no questions.
9.      Rodney (not work)for the company for very long before he (be)promoted.
10.  About twenty people already (arrive)when they (enter)the hall.





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