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Reading comprehension exercise (superlatives)

My Family

My name is Tomas and I have a big family, I have 3 sisters, Andrea, Samantha and Jennifer.

I also have 2 brothers, John and Peter. I am the youngest of my family I am 9 years old my

sister Andrea is the oldest! , she is 27 years old. We all love to study and to play soccer. My

sister Samantha is the smartest girl in her class and I am the fastest boy in my soccer team, but

My brother Peter is the slowest. John is the smallest person in our family, he is really short!! but

 I still really love my great family!.


1.- Who is the youngest of the family?


2.- Who is the oldest of the family?


3.- Who is the smartest person in the class?


4.- Who is the fastest person in the soccer team?


5.- Who is the slowest person in the soccer team?


6.- Who is the smallest person in the family?






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