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Subject personal pronouns and possessive determiners 

  Fill in the table with the possessive determiners. 

subject personal pronoun

possessive determiner

















 Choose the correct subject personal pronoun or possessive determiner and write it into the box.

1)      This is Tom. It’s birthday today.

2)    Mr Smith is a teacher. is a good teacher.                            

3)    am a boy. name is Sam.

4)     are friends. This is school.                                           

5)    This is Mike. is my friend.

6)    This is a classroom. is my classroom. windows are big.

7)    Mary is a girl. has got a doll. doll is small.

8)    These are Peter and Tim. are friends. favourite subject is History.

9) I am Susan. This is school.

10)  This is a book. is black and white. title is Tales about two dogs.

11) Are hungry, Joe? No, am not.

12) ‘Where is Mum?’ ‘Isn’t in the kitchen?’ ’Yes, is.’ ’Then this is voice.’

13) ’What’s name?’ ’Kim.’ ’How old are ?’ ’ am 9.’ ’Is this bag?’ ’Yes, is.’

14)    Jane and Joan are sisters. This is room. have got a big room. dolls are on beds.

15) I have got a friend. name is Paul. is 10 years old. am 10 years old, too. (Paul and I) have got a birthday party today. There are friends.

16) is a dog. has got black eyes.  name is Tiny.


17) am Sarah. am Mandy’s friend. have got a red pen, has got a blue one. pen is red,  pen is blue.

18) You and Greg are brothers. This is ball.






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