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How much is your General Knowledge and General English language? Take a tour to see your current knowledge.
I. General knowledge (10 questions)


   Which country is the biggest country in the world?
    A. China              B. Canada               C. Russia             D. the United States 
2. Which country is the smallest country in the world?
   A. Singapor      B. Brunei              C. Cambodia        D. Vatican
3. What is the capital city  of Australia?
   A. Canberra     B. Melbourne        C. Sydney             D. Newcastle
4. Where is the Effel Tower? Which country and which city?
A. Germany/Berlin         B. Italy/Rome         C. England/London            D. France/Paris
5. What color do you add to blue in order to make purple?
A. Red            B. Yellow            C. Black               D. Orange
6.  What is the country of this flag?
A. Bhutan        B. Malta             C. Vatican              D. Cambodia
7. which country has the most population in the world?
A. India            B. the United States        C. Russia               D. China
8. What is the boiling point of water?
A. 90o Centigrade     B. 100o Centigrade       C. 110o Centigrade       D. 120o Centigrade 
9. Who is the author of Romeo and Juliet?
A. Mark Twain           B. William Shakespeare          C. Charles Dickens         D. Edgar Allan Poe
10. Where is the pizza originally from?
A. Italy            B. the United States            C. France              D. Mexico
II. General English Language (10 questions)
1. What are the shortest words in English?
2. What is the American English word for the British English word lift?
3. Which is the bigger, the American billion or the British billion?
4. What is the Amerian English word for the boot of a car?
5. Which letter begins the least number of words in English?
6. How many verb tenses in English language? (write in number)
7. What kind of topic do the English-speaking people like for starting a conversation?
8. How many letters in English Alphabet? (write in number)
9. What is the American English word for the British English word Curriculum Vitae?
10. What do English-speaking people often say when they are being photographed?
Your result
If your total correct answers are between:
16 - 20  =  Advanced
10 - 15  =  Medium
1 - 9      =  Need improvement

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