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What happens first, second, third and so on? Find the correct number for each section.

† It was a very special day for Lars the little Polar bear. He was going to the sea for the first time together with his father.

† The ice floe was getting smaller as the temperature was warmer, and Lars was lucky to find a barrel he could clung to.†

† At night, while Lars and his father were sleeping, the ice began to crack apart. When Lars woke up, he was all alone in the middle of the sea.

† Everything was so different from what Lars was used to, and he wanted to go home. Henry introduced Lars to Samson the whale who could take Lars back to the North Pole.

† After a storm Lars arrived at an island where he met Henry the Hippo. Lars was amazed by all the strange plants and animals on this warm and green island.

† When the first iceberg came into view, there was Larsís father, so happy to see his little Lars again. Lars told his father all about his exciting adventures.






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