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Reading Comprehension:
What do you do to relax? Do you watch TV? Do you read book? Or do you listen to music? How many of us actually play a musical instrument? How many of us go to concerts? How important is music in our lives? What kind of music do we like?

The survey above shows the musical habits of a few of our readers. Interestingly, fourteen people out of the twenty questioned actually play a musical instrument, while only six people doní»t. Out of these, ten people practice their musical instrument between 0-3 hours a week and the other four between three and six hours a week.

The best instrument to play is the guitar; eight people say it is their favourite instrument to play. Another four people like playing the piano as they think they are too difficult.

Pop concerts are always popular but, in this survey only eight people say they like going to concerts, six to pop concerts and two to jazz concerts.

A higher number, eighteen, say they like listening to music as they find it relaxing. Only two people doní»t like listening to music at all. These results seem to suggest that we are more actively musical then we think.

True (T) or False (F):
1.          Eighteen people think that listening to music is exciting.                                                
2.          Ten people think playing the piano is difficult.                                                              

3.          Six people doní»t play a musical instrument.                                                                 

4.          Ten people practice their instrument between 0-3 hours a week.                                 

5.          Four people like playing the piano.                                                                             

6.          Two people doní»t like listening to music.                                                                    





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