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Irregular Verbs "get-hit"
Write the past tense and the participle in the table.
Present tense Past tense               (Yesterday, I .....) Participle                        ( I have ........)
 My uncle  sunflowers in his garden. Last week, they had  at least a cm taller each day.
 Homer  very angry on the telephone.
 The waiter  some pepper over my spaghetti and meatballs. I have never had  pepper on spaghetti before but it tasted good.
 My brother  me in the face with a water balloon.
 Have you  the latest gossip?
 The old couple  out the washing together this morning. They have never  out the washing together before.
  My younger brother  early to bed this evening. He has never  this early to bed before.
  Peter  his teacher an apple. She was so happy because no other pupils had ever  her an apple before.
  The kids were playing "Hide and Seek" and John  in the bushes. He was well  in the bushes as no one ever found him.



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