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Body parts worksheet preview
Body parts

Asterix's body parts worksheet preview
Asterix's body parts

Body worksheet preview

BODY PARTS(with video) worksheet preview
BODY PARTS(with video)

BODY PARTS(with video) worksheet preview
BODY PARTS(with video)

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Body Parts
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Body Parts


  1. I am round and two colors.For some people I am white and black,for some I am white and blue,others I am white and brown.What am I?
  2. I carry many white things inside me.I can open and close.I am what?
  3. I have no colors but I am hard.When you cut me I grow  back.What am I?
  4. I am  a twin and I take you to everywhere you go and you need me to play soccer.What am I?
  5. I am a bank.All the food you eat I keep there.I sometimes make some men look pregnant.What am I?
  6. I am the first thing in your body.I can be very long or short but some people don't have me.Some  women even buy more of me to add to make me longer.What am I ?
  7. You use me to take things you want.You use me to take food to your mouth.What am  I?
  8. When you are happy my color is same but when I am angry I am red.What am I
  9. I work and never stops.When you sleep I am still working.What am I?
  10. Two of me are the these words NO and YES and I am a 4 letter word.Can you smell it?
Body Functions
Choose which functions that are not part of that body part.
  1. We can't use our eyes to
  2. We  can't  use our nose to
  3. We can't  use our legs to
  4. We can't  use our mouth to
  5. We can't  use our hands to

6 8

TEACHER: Write here the clues of the crossword

  1. You use it to see.
  2. You use it to walk.
  3. It is between your eyes .
  4. It is below your nose.
  5. Your fingers are on them.
  6. It carries your head.
  7. You cannot see but others can see.
  8. The food goes there.
  9. It is a grinding machine.








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