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                                         Have got

1.Choose the correct
a. She has got an apple.   b.She have got an apple.
a.He have got a beard.   b.He has got a beard.
a.They have got a diamond.   b.They has got a diamomd.
a.They has got a party.   b.They have got a party.
2.Choose the best answer
a.He  a hat.  b.She  a pie. c.They  hats.
3.Choose the best
a.Peter  a fast car.  b.John and Mary  pink pajamas.  c.The rabbit  a long tail.
d.I  fair hair.  e.The children  school today.
4.Watch the video and complete with 's got-has got-hasn't got-has not got-'ve got-have got-haven't got-have not got
a.What  in the bag?
I  a red , I  tomatoes.
She  an , she  lemons.
d.Richard and his wife
They  tomatoes,, they  oranges.
She  a , she  a cabbage.
I  a , I  steaks.
She  , she  bird food.
He  yoghurt,, he  milk.
She  watermelon, she  
We  brown , we  orange juice.





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