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Fill in with one of the above words.
1. He__________exercise on weekdays, but he
_________________exercise on the weekend.
21. John____(not)_like spicy food. He(not) eat food that is spicy.
2. We_________happy to see you.
22. She ___ all of her work at school.
3. He_______________(not) scared of spiders.
23. ____________you walk to school?
4. We____________very scared of  mice.
24. I____________usually at school.
5. Mary______________at home at the moment.
25. Sam____________good at sports.
6. He ____________(not) always in a good mood.
26. We_________at the pool today.
7. Sue____________ afraid of  bats.
27. Sue (not)_do the cleaning on Mondays.
8.  He ___________(not)_rich he___poor.
28. He _(not) belong to a team..
9. She__a student she __(not)__a teacher.
29. I always___my best during an exam.
10. Mary_____________her work well.
30. She___in class early in the morning.
11. ___________you like icecream?
31. We___(not)_live in Spain.  We live in Italy.
12. I___________(not)___like to eat chocolate.
32. He______know how to sing.
13. ______________you like chocolate?
33. ___________it late?
14. They________________(not)_like chocolate.
34. He ___________always cheerful.
15.  We____________anxious about our exam.
35. We_________busy this afternoon.
16. What____________you do?
36. They___(not) in the same class.
17. ________________a lawyer.
37. They_______in different classes.
18. They_______(not) drive to school.  They walk.
38. _________a skunk smell bad?
19. Jim________________at school today.
39. He__________(not) understand the question.
20. I _____________at the park at the moment.
40. They_______(not) here today.
I'M, AM/IS/ARE/ISN’T/AREN’T/DO/DOES/DON’T/DOESN’T                                                                                                                   
Fill in with one of the above words.
1.  ____ a good runner.
18. He_____ an intelligent boy.
2.  ___­__a good swimmer. I like to swim.
19. He________a good worker.
3. He__________his work everyday.
20. He___________very successful..
4. _________it often rain in India?
21. He____(not)__tall he____short.
5. The boys___________(not)  like Sushi..
22. He__quiet he_______(not)_noisy.
6. He ___________________with his friends..
23. He______(not)_earn a lot of money.
7. They____________together today.
24. He ___________in the army.
8. ______________ Mary live near you?
25.  He___(not)get up early.  He gets up late.
9. ____________you understand how to do it?
26. We________very serious about our work.
10. The sun_____________far from the earth.
27. They_____________at the restaurant. 
11. _____________it seem like a good idea?
28. The palace________________very big.
12. We______(not) like to go to the movies.
29. He___________a politician.
13. He_____(not)_always walk his dog.
30. I_________________an only child.
14. His dog________very big.
31. She___________________a good teacher.
15. _____you drive to work or_______
32. They ____________ at the pool today.
        you take the bus?
33. ______________ your sister like pasta?





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