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Video Session: Friends - The One where they all turn thirty
A worksheet for the Friend´s episode in which they all turn thirty(Season 7, episode 14). Such a fun episode! Your students will love it! And I hope they like my worksheet too!
Level: advanced
Age: 14-17
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The world of cinema
With this worksheet, get your students to learn about the cinema: history and main steps, film genres, cinema-related words, film directors and their works, film festivals, and eventually, after reading 2 articles, get them to write their own summary of their favourite film
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Movies/ TV programmes matching (BW+key)
Look at the pictures and write the correct word. Hope you like it:-)
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Talking about films
it can be used to talk about film genres, plots, characters etc. It also includes two comprehension/ guessing activities about plots and memorable quotes.
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A match-type ws about MOVIES. It has 4 sections: 1. Types of film 2. People in films/People who make films 3. What happens in a film 4. The words and music in a film
Level: intermediate
Age: 13-17
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WALL-E - The movie
My studends watched the movie and they also had this worksheet to do along. They love it! It deals with the movie reviews, the friendship story, the characters and most importantly with the message. There are several exercises and it can be used as an introductory activity to the topic environmental threats. Hope it is useful.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-14
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I already uploaded a similar worksheet a few months ago, but this one is a bit different... This worksheet is made of 3 activities. First the students have to identify film genres by looking at the posters, then they have to read definitions and find the appropriate word for each, and finally they have to fill in a summary of a film by using the wo...
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-14
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Hello everybody! Here´s something real useful (I hope) for those who use English authentical movies(and "Friends" in particular) in their practice. I´ve compiled a lot of ws that I´ve already sent and even more that heven´t been published before. So we´ve got vocabulary + practice. Hope you like it. It took a lot of time and effort =) but it´s wo...
Level: advanced
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 564


1. Watch the Ratatouille trailer.
 2. Match the pictures with the nouns.

Antono Ego, Auguste Custeau, Linguini, Colette, Remy, Emile, Django, Skinner

3. Answer the questions.
a) The story happens in .
b) Remy is a .
c) Remy's culinary hero is .
d) Linguini is the restaurant's .
e) Colette is a talented and ambitious .
f)  Emile is Remy's .
g) Django is Remy's .
h) Antono Ego is a famous .
i)  Skinner is the restaurant's

4. Find 8 food words in the wordsearch.
ratatouille, onion, fish, meat, salad, omelette, eggs, rice




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