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  Match. Write the correct numbers in the boxes.
1 whale Smile 2 crocodile Smile 3 cat Smile 4 hippo Smile 5 monkey Smile 6 horse Smile 7 worm Smile 8 ostrich Smile 9 dolphin
10 polar bear Smile 11 bear Smile 12 elephant Smile 13 lion Smile 14 shark Smile 15 koala Smile 16 bee Smile 17 dog Smile 18 sheep

  Read and write T for true or F for false.

 A shark is longer than a worm.    

     A bear is shorter than a dog.     

   A polar bear is heavier than a cat.  

  A monkey is sillier than a shark.  

         A koala is taller than an ostrich.      

     A hippo is fatter than a horse.     

     A sheep is smaller than a hippo.      

   A whale is shorter than a dolphin. 

      A lion is bigger than a whale.            

     An ostrich is faster than a sheep.   
 Choose the correct option.  Make true sentences.

 A whale is  than a cat.

     An elephant is  than a bear.

      A horse is  than a sheep.  A polar bear is  than a worm.
   A hippo is  than a monkey.

             A crocodile is  than an ostrich.

 Look and write. (don't forget to add ER to the adjectives)
  A  is  than a .
A  is  than a .
 A  is  than a .


A  is  than a .
 An  is  than a .
A  is  than a .


A  is  than a .
A  is  than a .
          created by teacher Jelena :-)





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