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Reported speech worksheet preview
Reported speech

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

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Reported Speech Sentence Transformations

Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs worksheet preview
Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs

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Reported speech step by step * Step 5 * commands, requests, suggestions in the present and past * with key
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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Level: intermediate
Age: 13-17
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Reported Commands/Requests/Su ggestions
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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Reported Speech (statements, questions, commands, requests and suggestions)
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-100
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Task - Rewrite the sentences into reported commands in the present. Look at the example.




e.g.: Leave the room. Peter tells Mary to leave the room.


1)      “Take the children to the zoo.”  Dad to mum


2)      “Let me have a look at these frogs.” The professor to the students


3)      “Go to the dentist.” Tina to me


4)      “Pay your instalment.” The financier to the Smiths


5)      “Wash your hands before breakfast.” Mum to the children


6)      “Brush your teeth at least twice a day.” The dentist to Jim


7)      “Give up smoking.” Mary to Peter


8)      “Stop before the street-crossing.” The driving instructor to Ken


9)      “Do your maths homework.” Dad to Linda


10)      “Pick up the litter in your room.” Mum to Sam






Task - Rewrite the sentences into reported commands in the present. Look at the example.




e.g.: Don’t drink any water. Peter tells Mary not to drink any water.


1)      “Don’t open this box, please.” Greg to Rob


2)    “Don’t wait for me after school.” Sally to Frank


3)    “Don’t sit on my chair.” Barbara to John


4)    “Don’t forget to learn the new words.” The teacher to the students


5)    “Don’t eat fatty food.” The doctor to Mrs Gris


6)    “Don’t be lavish in spending.” Tom to Rebecca


7)    “Don’t be rude to your parents.” Mr Hole to Chris


8)    “Don’t answer back to your teacher.” Lucy to Nick


9)    “Don’t be late from school.” The teacher to Luke


10) “Don’t buy this terrible coat.” Mum to Dana





Task - Make indirect commands in the past. Look at the examples.


e.g.: Leave the room. Peter told Mary to leave the room.

Don’t drink any water. Peter told Mary not to drink any water.


1)      “Eat a hamburger.” Frank to me


2)    “Take my pen.” Anne to me


3)    “Don’t leave your mug on the table.” Mum to Ben


4)    “Enjoy yourselves on my party.” Sally to the boys


5)    “Don’t break the rules at school.” The teacher to the students


6)    “Play with your sister.” Mum to Danny


7)    “Don’t hit your child.” The psychologist to the parents


8)    “Check your e-mails.” Tina to Chloe


9)    “Don’t turn right here.” The driving instructor to Carla


10) “Go ahead as long as you can.” Tim to Noah




Task Make indirect commands in the past. Now the receiver (Y) is given in the direct sentence. Be careful! Sometimes you have to use “ask” instead of “tell”.

1)      Mum: “Hurry up, children.”


2)    Dad: “Don’t listen to silly music, Kenny.”


3)    Mum: “Let your sister read that book, Timmy.”


4)    Jack: “Bobby, don’t pay attention to Mary.”


5)    Lucy: “Tim, write a letter to granny, please.”


6)    I: “Don’t give up running, Harry.”


7)    Daddy: “Take the dog out for a walk, Mandy.”


8)    Kelly: “Mum, bake a big cake for my birthday, please.”


9)    Gina: “Tony, don’t call me back after 10 p.m.”


10) The police officer: “Fasten your seat belts, Mr Trash.”





Task - Let’s practise the other introductory verbs. The verbs are given. Rewrite the following commands / requests / suggestions into reported speech in the past.

1)      “Let’s go to the disco.” Tom – suggest


2)    “Give me roasted meat with rice.” Mr Knight – order – the waiter


3)    “Come on, Danny, write down your novel.” Angie - encourage


4)    “Don’t meet these criminals, please!” Mum – beg - Allan


5)    “Give me the salt, please” Brad - ask - Patrick


6)    “Don’t touch this wire!” The electrician – warn – the children


7)    “Remember to put the soup into the fridge.” Dad – remind - mum


8)    “Take the second street on the right.” The officer – advise – the tourist


9)    “Punish the wrong behaviour in the class.” Mr Hart - agree


10) “Tidy your room.” Mrs Taylor - tell – Susan





Task - This time the verbs are just listed. Use the correct verb to rewrite the following commands / requests / suggestions into reported speech in the past.


Ï      advise

Ï      order


Ï      agree

Ï      remind

Ï      ask

Ï      suggest

Ï      beg

Ï      tell

Ï      encourage

Ï      warn

1)      “Have your eyes tested.” The teacher to Liam


2)    “Draw up the car immediately.” Captain Kingsley to the corporal


3)    “Don’t let him do this crazy trick, please.” Don to Jim


4)    “Hold my umbrella for a moment, please.” Mrs Marks to Mr Farley


5)    “Give an award to the best student.” Mrs Simons


6)    “Take the children to the museum.” Dad to mum


7)    “Come on, girls, let’s show our courage.” The teacher


8)    “Don’t sit on that fresh painted bench.” The park-keeper to Julian


9)    “Don’t forget to post the letter to grandma.” Trina to Kevin


10) “Find a better place to play.” Mr Glum to the children







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