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Have Something Done

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Get + person + to + verb

Have + person + verb

Instructions: write the correct word have or get ( take into consideration the tenses)

Get or have

1-I my uncle to fix my car when it gets damage.

2-She her sister  take care of the children

3-Yesterday Sara Sam to clean her room

4-I always a professional cut my hair

5-we usually our brother to decor the house.

6-she will a professional paint the house

7-Yesterday they  Mario to clean the rug

Instructions: Write the verb in past participle.

Get / have + object + past participle.

cut         wash          cook        fix         decorate         build

1. I get  my car at a garage 

2. She is having a new house  now

3. My sister always gets her hair  professionally

4. Las year I got my house by Sara

5. Tomorrow  I will have the dinner by Peter

6. I had all the carpets  professionally





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