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A new house

Irina lives in a  small    in the country with her . There are four people in her family: Dad, Mum, Greg and Irina. Greg has a called Ace and Irina has a called Iron.  When Dad finds a new in town, Irina's parents decide to move there. They find a large   near the beach. Gregory and Irina are    to leave their , but when they see the new house, they like it a lot. They have a very beautiful with a large   from which they can see the sea. Ace and Iron are very happy too. They can go for long walks and play on the .

1 Irina has two brothers
2 There are four people in her family
3 They have two pets
4 Greg and
Irina are happy to leave their old house.
5 The flat is in the town centre.
6 Greg and Irina are brother and sister
7 From the balcony they can see the mountains.
8 Greg, Irina, Ace and Iron play on the beach.





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