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Where were you?

1. Complete the dialogue.                

MIKE        Tom, where  you on your school trip?

TOM         We  in the mountains.

MIKE        How many days  you there?
TOM         Two days.
MIKE        What  the weather like?
TOM          It  sunny and hot. It  a nice trip. 

2. Complete. Then read about Peter´s trip.       

Last week we  on a school trip. We   in the castle. The castle  wonderful. The weather  fine. We  home in the evening. I  tired and hungry, but very happy. 

    Answer the questions.
   1. When was Peter on a school trip?
   2. Where was he?
   3. What was the castle like?
   4. What was the weather like?
   5. When was he home again?
   6. Was he happy?
Good job!  Smile





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