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     1.      I never go  car as it has become too expensive.

2.      She sometimes comes to work  her car.

3.      I saw Jane  a car the other day.

4.      They prefer going  a bus as the bus stop is just opposite the school.

5.      I came here  bus.

6.      I have never heard of anyone who comes to school  his own bus.

7.      Last time we were  a plane, we had a very frightening experience.

8.      It is funny but I think I spotted my granny going  scooter.

9.      We were late so we came to school  a taxi.

10.  Usually we do not go  taxi as the school is only 10 minutes walk.


1.      We left Riga and went  car enjoying the splendid scenery.

2.      The detective I hired followed him  his car.

3.      When we moved to our new house we had to carry all our belongings in  a car.

4.      They prefer going  car as it is more comfortable than going  a bus.

5.      She was excited as it was her first time  a tram.

6.      My cousin wrote to us that she was coming  train but it turned out that all the tickets had been sold and she was forced to go  plane.

7.      Last time we were  a ferry, the storm broke out and we did not enjoy the voyage.

8.      Many of my classmates come to school  their personal scooter.

9.      We had to pay extra $20 as we were late and came  a taxi.

10.  Many people prefer to go  bus not  car as it is cheaper.


1.      He goes everywhere  his car.

2.      Children came to school  bus.

3.      Children came to school  a bus.

4.      They go to work  train.

5.      I usually have a nap while  a train.

6.      I like going  taxi.

7.      My sister on the other hand does not like going  a taxi.

8.      They spent unforgettable two weeks  a ferry.




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