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Learn the new words:
 prince,  queen,  king,  peas,  princess,  palace,  mattress,  servants

Once upon a time there   (be) a young prince.

The prince  ( want) a wife.
He  ( want) to marry a princess.
So the prince  ( travel ) around the world on his horse.

The prince  ( meet) a lot of beautiful girls.

”I’m a princess,”the girls  ( say).But the prince  ( not believe )them.
Some girls   (be) too short. Others  (be) too tall to be princesses.

Finally,the prince ( go) back to his palace.He   (be) very sad.

The king and the queen   (be) very sad too.

The next evening there   (be) a terrible storm.

The sky   (be) black and it ( rain) and  ( rain).

There   (be) a knock at the palace door.

A servant (open) it. And he ( see) a beautiful girl outside in the rain.

The girls clothes   (be)  wet.Her hair  (be)  wet.

She   (be) very cold.”I’m a princess,”the girl said. ” Please can I come in?”

The servant ( take ) the girl to the queen.

”I’m a princess “,the girl   ( say) again.
But the queen   ( not believe )her.

The queen and the servant ( go) out of the room.

”The girl is staying with us tonight”,the queen ( say) .
“Make a bed for her.Put twenty mattresses on the bed”.

The queen  ( go) into the kitchen.She (pick) up a pea.

She ( think) that real princesses can’t sleep when there is a pea under twenty mattresses.

The next morning the queen ( go)  into the princess’s bedroom.

“How did you sleep?”the queen ( ask).
“I  (sleep) badly.
There  (be)something in the bed.I don’t know what it  (be).
Perhaps it  (be) a stone.”,the princess  ( say).

The girl   (be) a princess ! The queen now  (believe) her.

The queen  (be)sure that princesses can’t sleep when there is a pea under twenty mattresses.

So the prince  ( marry) the princess.

But first he ( take )the pea to the royal museum.And it’s in the museum today!  
Match : 

1.He travelled around the world.

2.They were very sad.

3.He opened the door.

4.He saw a beautiful girl.

5.She got wet in a storm.

6.She put a small pea under the mattresses.

Match : 






 king and queen











What,   When,  Where,   Who,   How,   Why
1. did the queen go?  She went into the kitchen.
2. did the girl say? " I'm a real princess"
3. was a terrible storm? The storm was in the evening.
4. did the girl sleep? She slept badly.
5. opened the door? The servant opened the door.
6. did he travell around the world? because he wanted to marry a princess.
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