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Verb to be worksheet preview
Verb to be

Verb to be worksheet preview
Verb to be

To be worksheet preview
To be

To be or to have got? worksheet preview
To be or to have got?

To Be - Past Simple worksheet preview
To Be - Past Simple

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Verb to BE
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Verb to BE vs. to HAVE GOT
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verb to be
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Age: 7-12
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1. Fill in the gaps with "am", "is" or "are"

He a baby.             I hot.              They hungry.      She pretty.

The elephant  big.         Lemons  yellow.          She  happy.

Now change the underlined word for "he", "she", "it", "they"
1. The cat is in the garden.
    is in the garden.
2. Peter is a doctor.
    is a doctor.
3. My books are in the schoolbag.
    are in the schoolbag.
4. The girls are hungry.
     are hungry.
5. Lisa Simpson is pretty.
    is pretty.
6. The cat is black.
    is black.

How old are they? Complete the sentences and match them with the picture.
1.       2.      3.   4.    5.

6.   7.     8.       9.    10.
  .  five.        . thirteen.     . one.

. six.       . twenty one.        . four.

. one hundred.     . three.       . eighteen.

. sixteen





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