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       Wiz goes home
1. Listen to the story and order the pictures.
1 2 3 4
2. Read the story and choose True or False.
Wiz watches the plane. Wanda thinks Wiz is in the plane, too. Wiz roars.
Wanda doesn't hear him.
Wiz is hungry. He doesn't have any food. He's thirsty, too.
He goes to the river. He drinks some water. Wiz is sad.
Then Wiz hears the plane. It's Wanda's plane. The plane comes back.
Wiz runs to the plane. "Sorry, Wiz. Jump in," says Wanda.
Wiz jumps in the plane. He's happy now.
Wanda thinks Wiz is in the plane.
Wiz isn't hungry.
Wiz is thirsty.
Wanda doesn't come back.
Wiz eats some fruit.
Wiz can jump.





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