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Tell me the truth (animal description 1/2)
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Level: elementary
Age: 11-17
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Animal Body Parts

Look at the word list below. Write the correct word for each picture.

antlers  -  beak   -  claws  -  feather  -  fangs  -  fin  -  fur  -  gills  -  hooves  -  horns  -  mane  -  paw  -  scales   -   shell   -   snout  -  tail  -  tentacles  -  trunk   -   tusks  -  whiskers  -   wings

 Animal Riddles

Who am I?
I am a mammal with four legs, a tail, and a mane. I also have fangs and claws on my paws.
I am a  and I live in .
I live in the sea but I have no fins. I have eight tentacles and I can change colour. I am an .
I am a mammal with a snout and cloven hooves. I eat almost anything and live in forests. I also have tusks. I am a .
I have no legs. My skin has scales. I have fangs. I rattle my tail when I am ready to attack. I am a .





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