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Word order
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DRAW AND COLOR THE FACES. (practice on colors, parts of the face, adjectives and structure “have/has got“)
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HAVE GOT or HAS GOT? grammar set 3 pages
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Age: 8-14
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   Check your knowledge of HAVE/HAS GOT!!!

1. Fill in the gaps in the sentences with have or has. Then write questions to the sentences. Good luck!
a)  The piglet  got a pumpkin.
b)  This mouse  got a big spoon.
c)  She  got long and beautiful hair.
d)  The girl  got a very interesting book.
e)  Micky  got a tasty ice-cream.
f)  Micky  got a nice red car.
2. Fill in the gaps in the sentences. Use HAVE / HAS GOT, HASN'T / HAVEN'T GOT.
a)  He  anything to drink.
b)  The puppy  a friend. It's a parrot.
c)  The girl  a pet. She's sad!
d)  Daisy  a big present. She's happy!
e)  The kitten  a nice toy.
f)  The hare  a piece of cake. It  a big carrot.





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