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1- Complete the sentences with a suitable extreme adjective:

                                           wonderful     terrified     furious     amazing     brilliant     terrible     hilarious

       a) Jane is a  student. She gets straight A's in all subjects.

     b) What a day! Let's go to the beach!

     c) Last night we were at home when suddenly the lights went out. My son was.

     d) We had a  vacation. The hotel staff were really rude and the food was awful.

     e) Ben Stiller's last movie is ok but the previous one was .

     f) The views from the castle were . You should go!

     g) I got with my boyfriend because he forgot my birthday.


2- Complete the sentences with SO / SUCH

       a) He's a nice person! He's always trying to help.

     b) The horse she bought for her daughter is beautiful!

     c) We had good reviews that we've decided to film a sequel.

     d) I can't believe Mary can afford to buy an expensive car!

     e) Why were you furious?

     f) I can't believe horrible things happen.

     g) Silvia is smart that she's got a scholarship to study abroad.

     h) Lower your voice! You don't need to speak loudly!

     i) New Orleans is an amazing city! I could spend there all my life!

     j)   behaviour won't get you anywhere






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