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†††††† †††† †

For beginners

Some grammar explanation



The noun

o††††† countable nouns are in plural form

o††††† uncountable nouns are in singular form

o††††† countable nouns are in plural form

o††††† uncountable nouns are in singular form

The sentence

affirmative statements

in questions and negative sentences

or in sentences with one of these words: without, never, seldom, rarely, hardly, Ö


o††††† I have got some friends.

o††††† Mary does some housework every day.

o††††† Did Larry buy any candles?

o††††† Kevin doesnít eat any cheese.


Write the correct determiner (some or any) into the sentences.

1)††††† There are apples in my basket.

2)††††† Do you buy books?

3)††††† There isnít milk at home.

4)††††† I eat soup.

5)††††† These are pens.

6)††††† Have they got money?

7)††††† I am writing tests today.

8)††††† You canít read newspapers in this cafť.

9)††††† Do you collect stickers?

10)††††† children are sitting in the park.

11)††††† My son has homework.

12)††††† Does her daughter listen to music?

13)††††† Are there films on TV?

14)††††† Sssh! Thereís noise outside.

15)††††† There arenít cats in the garden.


Write the correct determiner (some or any) into the sentences.

1)††††† Grandpa gave chocolate to the kids.

2)††††† Mike hasnít got mugs.

3)††††† My friends never paint pictures.

4)††††† Thereís sand in my shoes.

5)††††† Steve did his homework without help.

6)††††† Paul is thinking of good memories.

7)††††† We often eat ham for breakfast.

8)††††† Diane keeps photos in her bag.

9)††††† Thereís hardly honey in the jar.

10)††††† I can rarely take photos because I havenít got a camera.

11)††††† Susan has †coffee and cake in the afternoons.

12)††††† Did you buy butter yesterday?

13)††††† They have surprises for us.

14)††††† We seldom pick flowers.

15)††††† I need advice.


Put a tick ()†next to†the correct word.

1) I read some/any books on my holiday.

2) Jim hasnít got any money/moneys for the ticket.

3) Lisa wrote some letter/letters to her aunt.

4) Is / Are there any bananas in your bag?

5) Did you eat some / any rice?

6) There isnít / arenít any lemonade in the bottle.

7) My father asked some information / informations about the new service.

8) Some cats has / have got big ears.

9) Sam always buys some / any bread.

10) I didnít put some / any salt into the soup yesterday.

11) Have your parents got any free time / times?

12) Can you see some / any clouds in the sky?

13) There is / are some cheese in the fridge.

14) Tina has got some box / boxes.

15) Does / Do any students leave their homework at home?


Created by Susan V. Toth





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