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The Elephant


An elephant is a very large animal.

It eats leaves of trees and plants.

It has got a thick, grey skin.

It has got a long nose called a trunk.                          

An elephant uses its trunk

for picking up things.                         

Its tail is very short.

An elephant has got two big ears.

It also has got two long teeth called tusks.

An elephant walks slowly.


Read each sentence. Write if it is true or false.

e.g. An elephant is a small animal.   FALSE

1. An elephant eats leaves of trees.

2. An elephant has grey skin. 

3. An elephant ´s nose is called a tusk. 

4. An elephant has a long tail.
5. An elephant walks slowly. 
Complete the sentences :
1. An elephant is a very   animal.
2. It eats leaves of trees and   .
3. An elephant has got a thick   skin.              
4. An elephant has got a  nose.
5. The nose of the elephant is called  .





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