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Stormy the Horse


Mike lives on a farm.


There are many animals on the farm:

birds, cows, pigs, goats and chickens.


But Mike’s favorite is his horse.


His horse´s name is Stormy.                                                                   


Complete the sentences:

  • Mike lives on a   

  • His favorite animal is a 

  • The horse´s name is  


Stormy stays in a barn.     


For fun Mike rides Stormy to the lake.


Stormy helps Mike too.


Stormy pulls a cart to carry oranges to the garden.



Complete the sentences:

  • Stormy stays in a    .                                    

  • It is fun to ride to the    .

  • Stormy pulls a    .



After a hard day, Mike feeds  Stormy with corn and water.


Stormy is a happy horse.


Complete the sentences:


Mike feeds Stormy with   .


Stormy is a     horse.



II. Choose the correct answer:


Mike lives in the city.                                         true           false       

There is only one animal on the farm.              true           false     

Stormy eats corn and water.                             true           false     

Stormy helps Mike.                                           true           false     

Stormy carry apples to the garden.                  true           false     

Stormy is a sad horse .                                     true           false     









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