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WHO....WHICH .....WHERE ???

 A Complete the sentences with the correct relative pronoun.

1.       The fish you like has been served

2.       I am a teacher understands your problems.

3.       The house is in the park is Paul´s.

4.        are the photos we took in Australia?

5.       I like students   have a good sense of humour

6.       I don´t like men    are in love with their cars.

7.       This is the country    I live.

8.       The tourist centre  you are is very interesnting.

9.       I am a woman   believes in promises.

10.    Those books are on the table, are mine.

11.    The car _  was in the garage, was red.

12.    The school   I studied has been demolished.

13.    The moon is a place   I would like to go.

14.    The school I studied was redecorated last year.

15.    He likes things   are exciting.

16.    I love books have a nice end.

17.    Sevilla is a city  I feel relaxed.

18.    The school is a place I enjoy

19.    My sister prefers boys are tall

20.    He plays sports  are very dangerous.

21.    I am a teacher likes playing games in class.

22.    I read comics are funny

23.    My father is a man  enjoys cycling.

24.    I eat salads   have no tomatoes.

25.    My friends watch films  are about mystery.

26.    Beach is a place  I enjoy more.

27.    Bed is  I dream !!!

28.    My girlfriend is a woman loves animals.

29.    Your  house is you feel better.

30.    I teach children are special.

B Rewrite the sentences using a relative pronoun. DO NOT FORGET the puntuation.

1.      The book is on the table. It has a blue cover.


2.      We visited the town. It lies at the source of the Danube.


3.      David bought a camera. It was made in Japan.


4.      Ann lost the money. It belonged to her uncle. 


5.      I know the girl. She is going out with my cousin.


6.      Helen has a stamp collection. It has many rare stamps. 


7.      This is the date. Your book has to be read by then.


8.      There was a man at the party. He was very tall.


9.      We saw the palace. Louis XIV lived there.


10.  I’d like you to meet Ann. She is my girlfriend.





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