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Gerunds and Infinitives worksheet preview
Gerunds and Infinitives

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Verb Patterns: infinitives and gerunds

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Gerunds and Infinitives
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gerunds and infinitives.Tongue

     Choose the correct answers.

  1. Anne hasn´t smoked since Friday.
        Anne stopped  two days ago.Thumbs Up
  2. Will you lock the door when you leave?
         Do you mind  the door when you leave?.Question
  3.  Shouting at the students is useless.
         It´s no use  at the students.Disapprove
  4.  She wouldn´t buy the red jacket,no matter what we said.
       We couldn´t persuade her  the red jacket.Ermm                                                         
  5. The little boy didn´t want to wear his bicycle helmet.
       The little boy refused  his bicycle helmet.Pinch
  6. Remember to call me tomorrow.
      Don´t forget  me tomorrow.Ermm
  7. I don´t want to work anymore.
       I´m tired of .Sleepy
  8. The school doesn´t allow us to leave the school during the break.
       The school doesn´t let us  the school during the break.Confused
  9. They made an effort to do the exam.
      They tried  the exam.Shocked
10.  James prefers going to the cinema to going to the theatre.
       James would rather  to the cinema  the theatre.Cool
11.  .David wishes to see London.
       David is looking forward to  London.Hug
12.  Please  wipe your shoes on the mat before coming in.
       Would you mind  your shoes on the mat before coming in?Disapprove
13.   Sheila says that she didn´t break your computer.
        Sheila denys  your computer.Unhappy
14.   I think the bus will be here in five minutes.
        The bus is expected  here in an hour.Smile
15.   I advise you to revise for your finals.
        You´d better  for your finals.Ermm
16.   Perhaps she will come.
         She may Approve
17.   I´ve always wanted to visit Myanmar.
        I´d love  Myanmar.Heart
18.   I´m sure he won´t stop going out with Anne.
        I´m sure he will continue  out with AnneEmbarrassed
19.   Why don´t we have a party to celebrate your success?
         What about  a party to celebrate your success?Cool
20.   The teacher forgot to set the exam.
         The teacher didn´t remember  the exam.Confused





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