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    Ask questions for the underlined words.

1.  All the factory workers have gone on strike.                         

2.  I´m going to London to improve my English.                         
3.  Wasps are a nuisance.                                                                                                               
4.  The would love a cup of coffee.                                           
5.  He can speak five languages.                                               
6.   I have lunch at one o´clock.                                                
7.  My sister is wearing a new hat and coat.                              
8.  We have invited her to our dinner-party.                              
9.  Laura is tall, slim and beautiful.                                            
10.My neighbour has just married an actress.                           
11. It´s cold and foggy.                                                            
12. That lake is three metres deep.                                           
13.These children will be taken on an excursion next weekend
14.She weighs 52 kilos.                                                           
15.That´s Maria´s car over there.                                             
16. Carlota was driving too fast.                                               
17. They wanted to give us a surprise party.                              
18.Martha had taught English in China before.                         
19. Yes, we had a fantastic time at Victor´s stag party.             
20. No, he wouldn´t study at Eton.                                          





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