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Present perfect

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Present Perfect
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SINCE and FOR - Present Perfect
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        FOR     ---------   SINCE


FOR    and   SINCE    are   used   to express   time
FOR  denotes the whole period of time ( duration) :
for one year -    for two weeks - for a long time -
                 for  three months 
SINCE  only shows the moment when the action
started ( a specific time)    since last Monday
                       since I was born  -
I°  Write   SINCE    or   FOR
1. a very long time                2. I left school
3. 10 years                           4. it started to rain
5. three weeks                      6. September
7. I came to London               8. half an hour 
9. my birthday                     10. six months 
II°  Complete with    For   or   SINCE
1) I have been a teacher  30 years
2. Bob has worked in that import export company he was thirty
3. I have studied English  four years 
4. Jenny has eaten  five hamburgers    7pm
5. My parents have been married    twenty years 
6.  I have known my best friend  I met him at high school
7. They have travelled in the USA   one month
8. The boys have played tennis two hours
9. Kevin has been in Greece     July 
10. My  brother has  drunk beer  two hours 
11. I haven't eaten anything  lunch 
III° Make sentences using      FOR   or  SINCE 
ex: How long have you studied German ? ( 2004)   I have studied German  since 2004
1)How long have you lived in Paris ?  ( five years)
2) How long have you played football ? ( two years)
3) How long has Helen known Paul ? ( February )
4) How long  has Jim been on holiday ? ( Saturday)





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