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A. Match the job interview questions (1-5) with their answers (a-e)
1. How many jobs have you had                         a) I now have more responsibility            
    since leaving university?
                               and work longer hours.
2. Why have you changed jobs                           b) Well, I lead the sales team. I'm also
    so often?                                                     chairperson of a local business association.
3. What have you done that shows                      c) I wanted to earn more money.
    leadership?                                              d) Well, the boss in my last company
4. In what ways have your job
changed                   wasn't easy to work with.
    since you joined the company?                  e) I've worked for six companies.
5. Have you ever worked with

    a difficult person?                      

B. Complete these interview questions using
    the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.
1. How you (to change) over the last five years?
2. What other jobs you (to apply) recently?

3. What you recently?
4. What kind of people you (to work) with?
5. What sort of bosses  you  (to have)?
6. What you from your other jobs?

7. What sort of problems you (to deal) with?
8. What you (to do) that shows your leadership?





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