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1- Complete the following sentences with CAN'T, MUST, MIGHT

      1) I can hear some music coming from that window. He be at home.

      2) Mark told me Sarah was working late today, so she be home right now.

      3) Harry doesn't answer the phone. He be in the movies.

      4) Ring! Ring! That be mom; she said she'd call me back in a minute.

      5) I have left my keys in the car...or maybe at John's.

      6) Sue is late for class. She have missed the bus.

      7) That DVD cost more that 15€; it's an old movie!

      8) Christina has already been three times to that new pizza restaurant. It be really good.

      9) Robert always gets straight A's. His parents be really proud of him.

    10) Her new boyfriend is absolutely gorgeous. He be a model.

    11) A: What's that deafening noise out there?
          B: My downstairs neighbors be having another barbecue. It's the fifth one this month!

    12) A: Have you called Sam?
          B: yeah, but he have already left, because nobody answered the phone.

    13) A. How much further do we have to go?
          B: Not much. Her house be very far from here.

    14) Lisa failed her driving test, so she be in a good mood right now.

    15) George wasn't promoted as he had expected, so he be totally disappointed with himself.

    16) He and his sister come with us if their parents give them permission.

    17) Your son is such a gifted student! He be chosen Valedictorian of his year.

    18) He be from France, he doesn't speak a word of French!

    19) mmmm...It smells delicious! My father be cooking!

    20) I go to the party, but I'm not completely sure; I've got so many things to do this weekend!





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