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Roal Dahl, "The Twits":

Find the correct form of the verbs (write, draw, read, speak and understand)

Find the correct word from the selection box:

Option 1: The infinitive

Option 2: The past tense

Option 3: The perfect tense (have/has or had)



Roald Dahl has  a lot of very funny books for children. We have just “The Twits” which is a book about a horrid old couple. It is not easy to  how somebody can be as mean towards each other as those two!  Roald Dahl has  a picture of some unlovable old people.  Last week when we  the book, we all the time saw how beastly they behaved. They never  to anybody outside their house. We also got to know how unfriendly they  to each other as well! I am quite sure they have never  one friendly word to each other for several years. Roald Dahl has understood how to  books for children in order to make them laugh a lot! This he understood several years ago, because this is not the only book he has .

In addition to the text, Quentin Blake has illustrated some of the books. He  some very good drawings, where we see Mr. and Mrs. Twit as ugly as we imagine through the stories. Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake have probably  at lot about how the characters should look like. The illustrator  what Roald Dahl meant when he  about a twit.







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