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      1. Three weeks ago Jack  (go) to Madrid.
       2.  She (wash) her bike. Look, now it is really clean und looks like new!  
        3. Mr Clinton (work) for the company since 1997.
         4. I (get) my bike in November. So I (have) it for five months.
             5. Jenny (go) to India last summer.   you ever  (be) to India? – No, I haven’t.

  6.    she ever (be) to Dallas? She (go) there in 2001 and 2003.

 7.      (learn) English for six years.

 8.     Yesterday our cat (have) a fight with the neighbour’s dog.

9.     Where he (go) in 2006? – He (visit) his uncle in Canada.

10. My mum (buy) a video game last Saturday.

11. The dog (just, eat) the dog food. Its bowl is empty.

12.  Patrick (have) his snowboard since Christmas.

13. They (be) married since 2003.

14. Last summer we  (visit) our friends in Chile.

15. Sally and Mary  (ride) their bikes for 3 hours. They are really tired now.

16. It  (rain) since 5 o’clock. The streets are still wet.

17.   you ever  (see) the Empire State Building?

18.  He  (clean) the shoes. They look like new now.

19.  Last night I  (not find) the keys. I  (cannot open) the door to our house.

20.  She  (write) five books this year.

21.  Last spring we  (travel) to Italy. We (like) it there, because the weather (be) nice and the people  (be) very friendly.

22. George (be) here for three days . He’s going to stay another five days.

23. Mike  (be) collecting stamps since 1999. He’s got really nice stamps. Would you like to see his collection?

24.  Some weeks ago my brother  (read) “Twilight”. – Really?

25. My family (have) a dog when I was a baby.

26.   you already (do) your homework?


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