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Collective Nouns 

A-Tick  the  correct word :

family                  class members      friends                     neighbors              rugby team          sales team
neighbors                  chorus                 chorus                     family                    team work           team players  
class members           team players        cricket team            class members         neighbors            family members
B-Complete  each sentence with the right verb that  these groups do together:
  • 1- Friends  together.
  • 2- Neighbors  each other.
  • 3- Family members  things together.
  • 4- Members of a chorus   together.
  • 5- Team  players  together.
  • 6- Class members  things together.

c- Choose the suitable verb that describes what are the doing:

D- Unscramble letters :
         e  - m - t -  a                    
         h -  o - r - c - u - s  
         l -  m - y -  a - i - f  
        e - h - r - s - g - o - i - b - n  





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