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Fill in the gaps with one of the following words/expressions in the right form. You may use them more than once. Don't forget to add the pronouns when necessary
Break down      call by      cut sb off      hang up       put someone through       hand (sb) over to sb     
hang on (infml)           engaged        call back       get through       pick (sb-sth) up         hold on
        1- A: Good morning, this is Mrs Jones. Could I please speak to Mr Simons?
            B: , I'll .
            A: Thanks.
 2- A: Hi Jim, it's Mary. Your son wants to tell you something. , I'll    to him.
            B: Dad? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
3-  A: Yesterday I had a terrible day! My car while I was driving  in the highway!
             B: Oh no! so what did you do?
 A: Well, I tried to call my garage about 4 times but I always got the  signal. So I ended up calling 911 so that they could  the emergency rescue service, but when they did, I got . Soooo, I had to  and explain everything again.
            B: But did you finally  to a mechanic?
A: Yeah, thanks God! The tow truck finally came, but Jim had to come and  because I had to leave my car in the garage.
4- A: Lex Motors, how can we help you?
     B: Hi, this is ms. Jackson. I'm calling to know if my car's already been fixed. It's a 2007 red Mustang.
           A: , I'll ask the mechanic.
           B: Thanks.
A: Ms Jackson? Your car's been fixed, so you can come whenever you want and  .
           B: Thanks, is it ok if I  this evening?
           A: Yes, of course.
           B: Ok, thank you, have a nice day!
           A: Thanks, you too.
       5-  A: Hi, it's Mike again. Sorry but I got . So, What time did you say?
 B: The dinner is at eight but I was thinking we could meet before and have  some drinks, what do you think?
           A: Perfect! Do you wanna meet me at the pub? Or I can  if you prefer. 
B: No, don't worry I've got some things to do, so I'll see you at the pub at  6.30?
           A: Great! so I'll see you there!
           B: Bye, see you later!

Pic Man on the phone by Joaquín Santamaría Morales





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