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 Hi! I'm Daisy and I love flowers! I've even  got a flower name :-)
  Here are some flowers that grow in my garden:
1. Read about Daisy's garden and choose the correct words.
  It early spring now, so you can only snowdrops in my . They bloom in March. Come to  in April and I'll show you some violets. They are tiny  flowers. My mother  them very much. You can't see lilac, dandelions and tulips  April. They  in May. I have got a lot of them in my garden. There  two lilac bushes near my window - one is white and the other one is dark pink. I like  the window and smell them. My little  favourite flowers are yellow dandelions. She  them because they are fluffy like her kitten Sam. In summer I can show you lots of beautiful flowers: red poppies, roses of different , blue cornflowers and tall sunflowers. On the first school day after summer holidays I always  some bright asters to my teacher. She likes these  flowers. There is one plant that  in my garden. It's a cactus. It on the windowsill in my room. It  cold winters and it seldom blooms, but I love it, too. Welcome to my garden!                                    
2. Enjoy this beautiful song and try to sing along! 
                      I like the flowers,  I like the daffodils          
                     I like the mountains, I like the rolling hills
                     I like the fireside when the lights are low
                     Boom - dee - ah - dah (x7) Boom!
 3. How many flower names can you find in this wordsearch ?







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