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What do they do?

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What do they do?

I. Part. Look at the picture and write the name of each occupation in the blank.
 1)      2)       3)     4)   5)
 6)   7)          8)        9)       10)
 II. Part. Read the following statements and complete them with their correct occupations.



This is a person who acts in a movie or play.

2.       This is a person who assembles components.

3.   This is a person that assists patients

4.   This is a person who helps doctors with their work.

5.     This person bakes cakes and bread

6.     This person cleans schools, banks, hospitals, etc.

7.      He or she cooks at the restaurant.

8.      This person delivers pizzas, and other kind of fast food.

9.       This person designs buildings.

10.   He or she teachers subjects at school.

11.    He or she drives a taxi.

12.   He or she files documents at the library.

13.   this person flies an airplane.

14.    This person grows vegetables.

15.   He guards buildings.

III. Part. Matching the statements in Column A with their corresponding occupations in Column B.

Column A                                                                                                               Column B

  • He/she manages a restaurant or hotel                                                          1. salesperson
  • This person writes and edits newspapers                                                    2. supervisor
  • This person paints buildings and houses                                                     3. Translator
  • He / she plays some instruments                                                                    4. Manager
  • He or she fixes cars, buses, etc.                                                                        5. Cashier
  • He or she repairs things at home                                                                     6. Journalist - Reporter
  • This person sells cars, clothes, shoes, etc                                                     7. Waitress
  • His / her job is to supervise people                                                                8. Repairperson
  • He or she takes care of elderly people                                                           9. Waiter
  • He/she translates from one language to another one                              10. Painter
  • This person uses a cash register at his/her work                                      11. Health care aide
  • He services food at the restaurant                                                                  12. Musician
  • She services food at the restaurant                                                                13. Veterinarian
  • This person is a doctor for animals                                                                14. Mechanic
  • He or she gives haircuts and shaves                                                               15. Barber

IV. Part. Look for the vocabulary about occupations in Part I, II and III in the following wordsearch.







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