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Comparison of adverbs and adjectives:

I. Write down the adverbs of the following adjectives:
adjective adverb adjective adverb adjective adverb
good honest silly
early possible fast
happy bad fantastic
friendly much difficult
II. Form comparative and superlative of these words:
base form comparative superlative - the
III. Choose the correct option:
a) Sally is the   girl in my hometown.
b) You should drive , otherwise you will cause an accident.
c) This is the  film I've seen so far.
d) He was  hurt in the accident.
e) Don't run around so  
f) This exercise was   than I expected.
g) Sam didn't behave as  as Mike.
h) He works  of all the pupils.
i) You should do your homework
j) My perfume smells  than yours.
IV. Fill in the correct forms of adverbs and adjectives:
1.Sam's idea sounds   (good) but I like Carol's idea even  (good).
2. Every morning I get up 10 minutes  (early) than my sister.
3. What are the  (dangerous) animals in Australia?
4. I can run as  (fast) as my elder brother.
5. You should buy the blue sweater. It suits you  (good) than the red one and I think it fits  (perfect)
6. If you worked  (careful), you would make  (few) mistakes.
7. Joy Fielding writes the  (exciting) books I've ever read.
8. Caroline is the  (pretty) dressed girl in this room.
9. Vienna is the  (large) town in Austria.
10. Please, speak  (clear), I  (hard) understand the instructions.
11. Bob ran  (slow) than his classmates.
12. Jo is the  (good) footballer in my team and he plays very  (fair).



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