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Question Tags

Put in the correct question tags.

1. He sometimes reads the newspaper,..?

2. You are Indian, ..?

3. Peggy didn't use the pencil, ..?

4. Mary has answered the teacher's question, ?

5. The boy is from Turkey, ..?

6. Sue wasn't listening, ..?

7. Andrew isn't sleeping, ..?

8. Tom and Maria will arrive at Heathrow, ?

9. He's been to Texas,..?

10. Dogs like meat, ..?

11. There are some apples left, ..?

12. I'm late, ..?

13. Let's go, ..?

14. Don't smoke, ..?

15. He does sing in the bathroom, ..?

16. He'll never know, ..?

17. I think, he's from India, ..?

18. Lovely day today, ..?

19. She is collecting stickers, ..?

20. We often watch TV in the afternoon, ..?

21. You have cleaned your bike, ..?

22. John and Max don't like Maths, ..?

23. Peter played handball yesterday, ..?

24. They are going home from school, ..?

25. Mary didn't do her homework last Monday, ?

26. He could have bought a new car, ..?

27. Kevin will come tonight, ..?

28. I'm clever, ..?

1. You're coming to the party, ___?
a. aren't you
b. isn't you
c. shouldn't you

2. It wasn't very difficult, ___?
a. wasn't it
b. isn't it
c. was it

3. Tom is getting something for Sue, ___?
a. wasn't he
b. isn't he
c. was he

4. It won't be anything expensive, ___?
a. won't it
b. isn't it
c. will it

5. There's some milk in the refrigerator, ___?
a. isn't there
b. isn't it
c. wasn't it

6. We don't need to go to the store today, ___?
a. don't we
b. do I
c. do we

7. Susan can bring some food, ___?
a. won't she
b. will she
c. can't she

8. The party starts at eight o'clock, ___?
a. isn't it
b. doesn't it
c. does it

9. The movie was very long, ___?
a. isn't it
b. wasn't it
c. was it

10. There's a dictionary on the shelf, ___?
a. isn't it
b. isn't there
c. aren't there

11. There's a lot of noise outside, ___?
a. aren't there
b. isn't there
c. is there

12. Mrs. Smith is sick, ___?
a. isn't she
b. is she
c. wasn't she

13. The dishes are dirty, ___?
a. weren't they
b. isn't they
c. aren't they

14. Steven won't be at the party, ___?
a. won't he
b. isn't he
c. will he

15. The math test was very difficult, ___?
a. wasn't it
b. isn't it
c. weren't they

16. We can go tomorrow, ___?
a. won't we
b. can we
c. can't we

17. I'm early, ___?
a. isn't I
b. aren't I
c. are I

18. This shirt is too big for me, ___?
a. isn't it
b. doesn't it
c. does it

19. Emily plays the piano well, ___?
a. isn't it
b. does she
c. doesn't she

20. Your neighbors went on vacation, ___?
a. isn't they
b. didn't they
c. aren't they





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