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Places in town
Level: elementary
Age: 8-10
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Places in town (1/3)
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Places In Town - Quiz
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  Choose the correct option.

 1.   2.   3.   4.    5.


6. 7.   8.  9. 10.
 Read the sentences and look at the pictures. Write the correct number:
a. In this place you can buy dolls, teddy bears, cars or kites for your toy chest. 
b. You can borrow interesting books here.
c. This is where you go if you want to buy a pet.
d. Doctors and nurses take care of sick people in this place.
e. Wild animals from all over the world can be seen here.
f. You can have lunch or dinner here.
g. You can buy stamps and send letters here.
h. This is where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
i. Here you can watch films while you eat popcorn and drink soda.
j. People who protect the city against outlaws work here.
 Write the correct number next to the word:
1.     2.    3.    4.   5.
6.   7.    8.   9.    10.
    School      Park      Beach     Aquarium       Museum  
Fire Station   Theatre   Shopping Mall    Bank   Supermarket
Write the correct word under each picture.
                       Word Bank: stadium - bowling alley - florist's shop - swimming pool - airport - lan house - farm





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