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                                                                         What are they wearing?
Maria is wearing...                   Linda is wearing...              Yoko is wearing...                 Andrea is wearing...
 A dress                               A scarf                           Sandals                           Shoes             
 Socks                                  An apron                         A sweater                       A skirt
 A T-Shirt                            A dress                           Red shoes                       A blouse
 A skirt                                 Mittens                           Socks                              A cap
 Green shoes                        A jacket                          A dress                           Sandals
 Shorts                                 A hat                                A scarf                            Shorts
                                                                           Find the correct word.
 Dress    Skirt      T-Shirt    Blouse      Sweater    Coat        Socks    Sandals
 Socks    Trousers        Jacket    Jeans             Jeans    Skirt          Socks    Shorts
 Sweater    Jacket        T-Shirt    Shorts         Blouse    Skirt             Shirt    Shorts
 Dress     Bathrobe      Skirt    Apron          Pyjamas    Nightgown      Shirt    Nightgown
                                                     What do we wear on our feet?
   What do we wear at the beach?   What do we wear when it's cold?
                                                                                                              Word bank:
                             bathing suit - coat - mittens - scarf - straw hat - sunglasses - swim trunks - woolen hat 
                                                                                                                                         Good Luck!



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Five exercices on clothes. Bw and key included. Enjoy!
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