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TIME Expressions - At/ On/ In - Basic rules for Upper elementary and Intermediate students
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Time Prepositions: In/ On/ At for elementary students
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                  PREPOSITIONS OF TIME    






Months, Seasons, Years, Centuries and  Long Periods

Precise Time

Days and Dates

  in October   at 6 o'clock   on Monday
  in winter   at 10.45 am   on Sundays
  in the summer   at noon   on October 23
  in 1969   at lunchtime   on January 3, 2001
  in the 1800s   at bedtime   on Halloween
  in this century   at dawn   on Mother's Day
  in the Jurassic Period   at night   on your birthday
  in the future   at the moment   on New Year's Eve
However, we use in at  and on in these expressions:




 in the morning   at night  on Monday morning

 in the mornings

  at the weekend  on Sunday mornings
 in the afternoon (s)   at Easter
  at Christmas
 on Tuesday afternoons
 in the evening (s)   at the same time   on Friday evenings
And we do not use inat  and on when we use the expressions last, next, every, and this.
            example: Gloria went to Paris last April. (not in last April)
 . Click on the correct preposition of time.
  1. Mary wore a witch costume  Halloween.
  2. I have English classes  Tuesdays.
  3. My dad comes home  lunchtime.
  4. The children like to go to the park  the morning.
  5. Henry's birthday is  November.
  6. Lots of people go shopping  Christmastime.
  7. Justin Bieber was born  March 1, 1994.
  8. Leaves turn red, gold and brown  Autumn.
  9. My friends like to go the the movies  Saturdays.
  10.The pilgrims arrived in America  1620.
  11. My sister likes to watch TV  the evening.
  12. Mum always reads stories  bedtime.
  13. I like to watch the parade  Independence Day.
  14. Hippies protested against the war  the 1960s.
  15. We finished the marathon  the same time.
Write the correct preposition of time. Write the number of the sentence under each picture.

1. Bob likes to play footbal  the afternoon.

2. Flowers bloom  the spring. 3. Americans eat turkey  Thanksgiving day. 4. The stars shine     night.
5. The Smiths always travel  the summer. 6. Kids have fun   Halloween. 7. The Mall closes   midnight. 8. My neighbours go to church  Sundays.

. Write at, in, on or leave it blank if we do not use a preposition.
1. My cousins went to Australia last  July.
2. I like to eat pancakes  the morning.
3. Dad is not home  the moment.
4. Mammoths lived  the Ace Age.
5. My family gets together  dinnertime.
6. My brother comes home every  Christmas.
7. I take my dog for a walk  the morning.



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