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must or have to
It is a useful worksheet on MUST-HAVE TO and MUSTN´T-DON´T HAVE TO. You´ll find both grammar guide and also fill in exercises. Hope you like it :)
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Should & Shouldn´t
This worksheet is about the use of should & shouldn´t. It includes several exercises on their use. I added a black version. Answer key is included. I hope you like it.
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-17
Downloads: 1563

Read the following situations and fill in one of the following  verb forms:,
should, shouldn't, should have, shouldn't have , don't have to, doesn't have to,  must, mustn't, must have.

 It’s 8.15 and school starts at 8.00. Mother to son:
1 You be at school at this time.

2 You  skip school, it’s bad for your education. It's also against the rules.

3 You  got up so late.

4 You take a bus, I’ll drive you to school.

5 You  go to bed earlier at night. You'd feel more relaxed in the morning.


Tom looks very pale and tired.       
1 He studied a lot today.

2 He  rest a little before supper. It would do him good.

3 He  study so hard, he knows his lessons very well.

4 He  gone out for a walk in the middle of the afternoon.

5 He  try to be less scared of tests. He wouldn't suffer so much. 

6 He be very worried about tomorrow’s Maths test. 



Jerry said he would invite me to his party but he didn’t.
1 He  make false promises.

2 You’re such a fun at parties, he  invited you.

3 You  get offended, he may have forgotten to ring you up.

4 You  think there’s something wrong with you. It was Jerry’s mistake.

5 If  you don’t go to his party, you  buy him a present. That is an advantage!


 Look, there’s going to be a terrible storm soon.


1 We  hurry home. I think it would be better and safer.

2 We brought an umbrella. We could have walked in the rain.

3 We  stand under a tree. It’s too dangerous.

4 Look, there’s a man selling umbrellas. We absolutely buy one.

5 We  pay very much. I think 5 dollars will be enough.



The house smells of smoke. It’s terrible.
1 Tom is in his room, he be smoking and he never closes the door.

2 He  smoke so much. It’s bad for his health.

3 He  smoked at least 10 cigarettes since this morning.

4 You told him that he could smoke in his bedroom.

5 He  try to give up this bad habit.






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