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Put each of the following collective nouns in its correct place in the sentence bellow, making it plural if neccesary. Some nouns must be used more than once.
flock       herd      bundle         mob        suite      flight          audience         swarm       shoal         clump  bunch      crew       set              crowd             gang
fleet                 congregation              pack        stack
  1. The  of the British Royal Navy was very strong in the nineteenth century.
  2. Disease reduced the farmer's  from 90 to 65 cows.
  3. She was attacked by a of wasps.
  4. A  of shouting people overturned cars, set the fire to shops and attacked the police station.
  5. The Prime Minister occupied a  of rooms at the hotel.
  6. Some spectators in the  disagreed with the referee's decision.
  7. He bought a large  of bananas.
  8. The priest was very sad to see his  getting smaller week by week.
  9. Fishing boats use modern  equipment to locate the  of fish.
  10. She lost her balance and fell down a  of steps.He was the leader of a well-known  of criminals.
  11. We sat down in the shade of a  of trees.
  12. In spring   of birds arrive back in Britain after spending the winter in Africa.
  13. Our picnic was completely ruined by a  of ants.
  14. He gave her a  of flowers.
  15. British Airways has a  of 26 Boeing 747s.
  16. She gave a  of old clothes to a charity organization.
  17. The  applauded the new play enthusiastically.
  18. Has anyone seen a  of keys? I left them somewhere.
  19. Golf is an expensive game. You ´ll need a  of clubs.
  20. The books were arranged in  a  one on the top of the other.
  21. They´ve bought a leather three-piece  - a sofa and two armchairs.
  22. Let's play a game. Who's got a  of cards?
  23. That cruise ship carries 150 passengers and a  of 85.
  24. The  of sheep was controlled by a shepherd and two dogs.
  25. For their wedding I gave them a  of cutlery ( 6 knives, 6 spoons, 6 forks, etc.)





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